14 July 2008

It's still day 3

A very blurry welcome to Utah sign.

I wrote about Wyoming on Saturday. Today I'll write about Utah, and the beginning of Idaho. We are in Walla Walla now, but not in our house yet. I'm hoping that will be soon. For all I know, I'll be teaching in August in coffee shops. Not that that's a bad thing...

The Collar decided that Utah was more beautiful than Wyoming. I'm not so sure, because to me they are very different types of places. Wyoming is much more wild (kinda like my hair!) but Utah is more manicured. The mountains are much more impressive in Utah, though. My first new state this trip was Utah. Idaho was the second. I have been to all of the others, but they are all impressive places, even if they are just impressively boring! The picture below is not boring, however. It is shortly after we went into Utah.When we went through Ogden, UT, there was an amazing plume of smoke. There was a fire in a recycling center, which made impressive amounts of smoke. It looked worse than it was.
The mountains were very impressive. They are HUGE. They are dry. Not much grows there.Finally, welcome to Idaho. I have some great pictures of there, too. It looks like there's nothing, but...I'll show you tomorrow.

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