23 July 2008


The window in the entry hall.

We closed today. Hopefully, we'll be living there by the weekend. It will be good to sleep in our OWN beds again. It's been over three weeks now.


Dorothy from Kansas said...

Congrats! Nice window!

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

Welcome home. I loved my grandma's little 1930's cottage, it had little magical windows and cut outs and things all over.

My wish for you and your three "boys" is that you have many happy, healthy, fulfilling years in this new nest.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

hurray!! it looks like a really fun place, kate! just sorry we missed seeing you while you were in ks. hope you're able to get settled in soon! annab.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you made it! Missed you all at Pawley's.

Pattie said...

LOVE it! Love the garden and grapes, too...and love the knitted things... great sweater. We'll have to plan a swap once you are settled. I really wish I could knit. I tried and failed...several times.

Kate said...

Thanks, Pattie!

Another swap would be fun. We'll have to talk about it when school starts.