11 July 2008

Westward, HO! Travel Day 2

Today was Kansas City, KS to Cheyenne, WY. This is a distance of 632 miles.

The boys saw new states: Iowa (for a whopping 15 miles!), Nebraska (more than they'd have liked), and Wyoming (a new state for The Collar, too). I have visited all of these states.

Tomorrow, though, I'll get to see two new ones: Utah (for a short bit) and Idaho!

The boys and pets are mostly doing fine. The boys aren't fighting too much in the car. They save that for later! Today they played some complicated game that involved using the "supplies" that they had on their side of the car. Each thing was worth some specific amount or had some purpose. Other things were just available. I have no idea who won.

Right now, it's 9:38, and everyone else is sleeping. I'm writing blog entries. I want to remember this, because even if it's sometimes a pain, it is a huge adventure. It's hard to leave family and friends, even though we have email, skype, and airplanes. I can't imagine what it was like a hundred or so years ago.

Tomorrow's another long day. We head for Twin Falls, ID which will be about 615 miles, or the same amount as Monday. We will NOT be leaving as late, though. Wish us luck.


Karen said...

Having never lived more than 30 miles from my childhood home, I'm somewhat envious. I'm sure it's hard being so far from family, but what an adventure. Good luck.

LCinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

What an excellent adventure! There's nothing I like better than seeing photos from a happy (enough) and safe trip.

WA or bust!