10 February 2008

Boring, boring

It's all boring, all the time! A nice change for us.

Game Boy is recovering, but he's still feeling tired. He never felt horrible, mostly tired. He claims he's able to go back to school today, but he took three naps today. It's kind of nice that I can't go any place either.

Yesterday was the first time The Wiz put SDS and not getting to do something together. He was invited to a slumber party. I wouldn't let him stay, because he needs to take 6 medications and I am not really comfortable with that. He did get to go to the party for about 3 hours. He bellyached the entire ride home. He told me that sometimes he wishes he was normal. I told him that it's normal to feel that way.

I've been working (online classes means never having to call in sick) and generally hanging out. Want to see what else I've done? (Color is washed out.)This is a shot of the BIL socks. I've finished the foot of one, and am working on the foot of #2. I'm getting closer. I wound some yarn for the next pair of socks. Those will be for me. Then I'll work on pairs for each of the boys.

I'm 50% finished with the mitered square baby blanket. Two more squares, and then I'll figure out what to do as a border. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do a green square next, or a blue one. Thoughts, anyone?

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