05 February 2008

Signs of Spring

I'm wearing birkenstocks, without socks. (That's so much cooler than with socks, even funky handknit ones.)

There are tons of birds around. Screaming at each other.

The grass is turning green.

The buds on the forsythia and the pear tree are swelling.

I finished a pair of mittens for me. It is now unlikely for those of you who live near me, that any of us will need mittens. (You can all thank me later.)

And the best one--
I was able to ride my bike outside, not inside. :)


Karen said...

Sweet. Not quite warm enough here for sockless Birkies. But I do have crocuses (croci?) coming up.

Maggie said...

bah. whatever. We just got another 10 inches of the white stuff and it's still snowing. I might as well just live in Nebraska.

Kate said...

I haven't seen crocuses down here, ever! The daffodils and tulips are starting to come up though.

It was *almost* 70 yesterday, which explains our very scary weather last night. The national weather service actually extended our tornado warning last night.

It's 64 right now. Tomorrow it's only going to be 46. I really hope we don't get any more thunderstorms.

Maggie, I'm sorry about the snow. I think we've had all of 2 inches for the entire winter.