27 February 2008

The Mystery Knitting

I knitted two gifts this year that I didn't really show you. The recipients have their gifts, so now you can see them too.

First, another pair of Evangelines, I knitted very quickly in January for my SIL. (For a link to the pattern, see the link in finished knitting projects, please.) The Collar picked out the pattern and the length, and the boys picked the yarn. It was kind of a family effort. The yarn is Mountain Mohair in peacock.
Next, another pair of Collar Socks. I've added 4 rounds of stockinette before the heel, and a bit of length to the foot, as apparently the foot shrinks a bit after several washings. This is turning into my go-to pattern for any socks I'm knitting for a male. The males I knit socks for may like color, but I don't think they want lace or too much patterning. Yarn for these socks is Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn in Symphony. Personally, I don't mind pooling, and all the pooling seemed to be in similar spots on both socks. Kind of cool, I think.
In other news, the boys are home from school. We had 3" of snow, over yet another layer of ice. So, for all of you northerners who get snow, it's not the snow that is the problem. It's the ice. I am beginning to really, really hate ice. I'll get my revenge in a few months.

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