11 February 2008

A Good Day for Mail

I don't usually like getting the mail, but today's was good!

I ordered a few books (knitting and sewing). I don't have a lot of sewing books, so I thought I'd get a couple of books.
One is for quilting. I'd like to make some quilts. I need to be able to wash all of our bedding (darn allergies!) so if I make them, I won't be so upset when they fade and are rags. It's different when you buy them. The other one is an apron book. Since we are having cooking lessons, the boys need aprons. I could use a few too. Aprons are quick and easy and different from gift bags. (I made 6 yesterday.) Knitting books are great, because they are always good for ideas.
I also received a package from my VD Secret Pal on Knittyboard today. Fiberfool sent me knitting things, candy, and some Valentine's Decorations. It will be fun to do a little decorating, even if it's for the day after. (Choir rehearsal is the day of Valentine's.) The Wiz is going to want the yarn. He's such a lover of pink. Aren't the sock shaped knit protectors cute?! I am always in need of simple stitch markers too. I've started knitting a lot more things that require lots of them. I'm going to see how long I can hold out on eating the chocolates.

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