26 February 2008


Last night, The Collar and Game Boy were playing backgammon. I asked Game Boy why it bothers him to lose to his dad, but not to me. He said: "Because Dad is lower class than you."

The Wiz, to his father, "You only won because I blew the dice good!"

Tonight, while playing dominoes, the Wiz said, "I'm getting ready to rob a salad bar."

Really, I just live here.


Maggie said...

Rob a salad bar, huh? Interesting....

LC said...

Now THOSE are funny! Aren't kids the best? I wrote lots of those comments down when my dd was little. My favorite?

(she was in the bathtub, with a little toy boat):

"Ok, all you Vikes, let's start viking!"

Kate said...

Well, he said he was hungry!

The viking quote *is* funny, too.