04 February 2008

Eggplants and Cousins

We went up to BBFs' house and saw The Collar's cousins and their children. They have 4 boys ranging from 3 to 9 and a five month old daughter. Game Boy hadn't met all of these cousins (several weren't born when he last saw them) and The Wiz hadn't seen them for two years (they were visiting the same time as one of The Wiz's hematology appointments). We had a houseful of 6 boys--it was very active! I put up a crazy picture of the 6 boys because it was more realistic!Game Boy and his second cousin. (There's another one of him with another of his cousins in the same chair.)
The Wiz before he had a chance to pose. See, he's slowly getting over his anemia.

The baby is adorable. She has gone through a lot in her short life, but she is doing very well. Is there anything sweeter than a sleepy baby? One that sleeps in her mother's arms is pretty darn cute, too.
I have lots more pictures of all of the cousins. (The Collar's side is very boy heavy. On my side, it's very girl heavy.)
For those of you who come for the knitting, and not the rambles:

Last Friday, I decided that I was cold and needed actual mittens. I wasn't ready to make the convertible ones yet, but I needed (wanted) some quickly. I had a some extra yarn left from my friend P's hat and mittens, so I made a pair for me. The purple isn't my favorite color, but it'll do. I think they look like eggplants, complete with green thumbs. I still have pink and green left, so maybe I'll make some fingerless gloves for the Wiz's birthday--in 15 days.

P.S. F, I'm knitting the heels on your socks. They are close to being finished!

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