07 February 2008


Poor Game Boy.

He came down with something last night. He didn't eat dinner, and was running a fever. When The Collar and The Wiz went to church (Ash Wednesday Eucharist), he and I stayed home. I read to him, and by 7:00, he was out.

He doesn't seem to feel too sick. He's eating homemade chicken noodle soup (an act of love, I'm telling you, as I have always hated eating that, even when we thought I could) and resting. He's fallen asleep during movies and the like. I think we'll keep him home tomorrow, too, and let him rest all weekend.

The bright side of this is that the Wiz and I can't go to choir rehearsal either. We're going to hang out at home and rest, too.

We're all so tired. The rain (we've had 8 inches so far this year!) is really starting to get us all down.

I'm almost finished with the foot of one of F's socks. It will be nice to go back to knitting things that I can share. Or that aren't miles of ribbing and stockinette. Maybe I'll knit another square for the baby blanket. Or not. Do you want to see what the baby blanket looks like so far? Well, it's all I have for pictures, so you will. The colors are bright and cheerful, so it's fun to knit. Miters are fun anyway because each row gets shorter and faster. I'm planning on making 16 miters, and I've made five, so far. The other two color schemes are these (I think!): the left column will be one set of squares and the right the other. Once it's completed, it will be a bright, soft, washable baby blanket. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

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