19 February 2008


He made it! This picture is from February 20, 2001. He's been taken off of the CPAP, but he hadn't lost the extra pound or so of fluid that he had. It's before he developed the jaundice and had all of the bruises from labor and the IVs.

At the ripe old age of seven, The Wiz has had one hernia surgery, two sets of ear tubes, four bone marrow biopsies, and too many illnesses to count. He was born 6 weeks early, and spent 5 days in NICU.

He's a great kid to have around (unless you want quiet!). He's smart, and funny, and amazingly good at dealing with health care procedures that would make most adults cry. He loves pink, and cooking, and loves to make things.
Happy Birthday, Wiz. We love you. (Yes, even your brother.)


Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, Wiz!

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday page!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Wiz!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday, Wiz!--from your cousin.