20 February 2008

Making Things

The lousier the weather and the health of the kids, the more I make things. I've been pretty busy with that lately. I made two things for the Wiz. One is for him to wear when he uses his new birthday presents (an alien maker and a potter's wheel). It's an apron sewn from an empty basmati rice sack, lined with red gingham material. It will be perfect for keeping his clothes clean(er). He also now has an apron for cooking. He's decided that he should wear safety goggles when he cooks, because things spatter, you know. The Wiz is trying to be cool, here. He's seven, now, you know. I have also started knitting myself a pair of socks. The pattern is Dublin Bay. I'm most of the way finished with the leg of one sock. The lace pattern is easy, but I keep messing it up on the second panel. I guess I'm tired. But it's a pretty pattern, and I should have a new pair of red socks soon.

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