01 February 2008

Catching up

I've been knitting miter squares (and F's socks). They are cheerful, and knit from dishcloth cotton. I thought I'd make place mats, but I think they are going to become a baby blanket. I'll probably donate it. No pictures yet.

Game Boy cooked dinner Wednesday night (with some assistance). He made cowboy beans, and had two helpings. He wants to cook one night a week from now on. It seems like a good idea to me. By the time he goes to college, he'll be able to cook, do laundry, and a few other important things. Notice that he's fine with me taking pictures of him when he's done something he finds successful!

The Wiz is fine. He has a rash, but I'm not sure if it's hives or not. Next week I'll start making phone calls to doctors. Our lives are too exciting.

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