16 February 2008

Home Again

This time, it was the Wiz. He threw up in the middle of the night. (Probably from eating too many sweets at his class party.) Before you worry, he's fine. He spent the whole day annoying me. He was supposed to be in his room resting, but that kid...

Oh well. At least I got a few things finished. I worked on my class(es) and made something. See?Picture taken by the Wiz in his room. Please ignore the mess behind me. I like it. Both of the boys want aprons. It's like putting on their soccer uniforms or something. The right gear for the right job I suppose.

I will go crazy though if I do not have my time alone with my computer next week. Just so you know.


Maggie said...

February is the month of sickies. Or as dad used to call them, the punies. lol I hope everybody feels better soon, at both of our houses.

Kate said...

Game Boy's sick today. I was sick yesterday. Ick.

I am tired of this. We need no rain and no illness for awhile.